Glossy Pixels

Hi I’m Lena. I was born far from the US and moved here in my early twenties, just for an adventure, and never went back!  I’m happy I ended up where I am now. And this is where I do stuff.  Besides my passion for photography, I enjoy brushes and paints, art in any form, teaching Zumba, trying new and interesting foods, volunteering and learning new and useful things, spending time with my family and being driven insane by my beloved teenage daughter who is also my favorite model. I’m always looking to create timeless images.  My photography mission is to make you look and feel your absolute best!
You know me pretty well now; it’s your turn to introduce yourself!

Best of Photography by Sigma finalist, 2012

fashion and REAL ESTATE  photography

One Life Book finalist, 2012


Surreal Beauty Teen Magazine, 2015, 6 issues

Perspective Fashion Magazine, 2015, May issue

Pageantry and Prom Time, 2015, Spring issue